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First Servicing 10/3/21

Today I serviced my first customer. Although I have cleaned my own chicken coop countless times, I did not know what to expect servicing my first customer to be like. I was so nervous that I accidentally went to the wrong address! (I went to the st instead of ln). After embarrassing myself at this random person’s house, I finally arrived at my customers a bit late. My customer gave me the general rundown of what she would like for me to clean, and then I got right to work. Although her coop was different from my own, I was able to clean it the same way. My customer’s chickens were also molting at the time, so I had to clean up all the feathers as well. After cleaning the run, I moved on to the inside of the coop where I replaced all of the wood shavings and put in some smell removers that my customer requested. I was very excited at how much of a difference I was able to make in about an hour. Even with the start delay, servicing the first customer was a success!

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