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Business Boom 2/23/22

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

The past two weeks have been huge for Declucks. When looking for new ways to reach chicken owners in my communities, I decided that Instagram would offer a great opportunity. That being said, I am not great at running social accounts so I left it up to one of my friends to run.

After growing the Instagram to 100 followers, my friend Magus reached out to the Greenwich Moms Instagram and got the company a shoutout. Greenwich Moms is a huge Instagram account, and these shoutouts led to 3 customers immediately reaching out. This, plus an additional lead I was meeting with made for a very busy weekend. I was excited though with the prospect of doubling the company size in one week and kept moving forward. I sunk 8 hours into coop cleaning that weekend and managed to close all 4 of the new leads.

The weekend made me realize though that I desperately needed an employee. I decided to send out an all-school email asking for help and raised the salary from $15 an hour to $20 an hour. Turns out one of my close friends was interested in the coop cleaning position, and I was able to sign him onto the team that Monday.

Not only was there a huge boom to the business that week, but a Greenwich times reporter also reached out to me that Monday asking to interview the team about the business. I was stunned to have the opportunity to get be on the Greenwich times, and am excited for all of the new leads the extra publicity might lead to.

All in all that was a huge week for Declucks, where the business went from a side hustle to an actual company. I am really excited to move forward and hope to continue to expand Declucks at this rapid rate.

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