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First Customer Conversion 11/28/21

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

Today I secured my first customer from my google AdWords campaign. The customer first contacted me a week before seeing one of my ads.

Before this event, growth had been stagnant in October and November, so I was really desperate to get another customer to keep the forward momentum. To try to get more customers, I launched a Google AdWords campaign and a Facebook ad campaign. I was not sure how the work put into my campaigns would translate into actual customers, and after a month without it, I was getting worried about the marketing strategy. They were also charging a lot of money for seemingly no results.

That all changed when I got the call and secured this customer since it confirmed the google AdWords campaign was working. This was a huge relief to me and one of the most important moments so far in the business.

When I went to service this customer today, I got slammed with the Thanksgiving traffic and was unfortunately 15 minutes late. Even so, the servicing went very smoothly, and I was able to schedule another one in two weeks. I am really excited about getting this new customer because she lives in an area where I believe there would be a lot of backyard chicken owners, so I think I can get a lot of referrals from her. This is a big milestone for my business. I am worried, however, about the 20 minute drive time to this customer. With a longer drive-time, I spend more time on the customer and the overall servicing is less efficient. I think that this is a worthwhile trade to make for expansion, especially at these early stages.

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