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Declucks Chicken Services is dedicated to providing high quality services to the Fairfield County area. Take a look below to find out what we specialize in, and please contact us to learn more

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We will clean your coop and put in a fresh layer of pine shavings on a weekly, or bi-monthly basis. We will also clean up your chicken run area.


We conduct periodic chicken health checkups to make sure your chickens have no life threatening illnesses, and give medical and nutritional advice for your chickens' well-being.


We offer advanced protection solutions to deter predators, including scent masking and perimeter fencing and trenching. Additionally we will monitor existing fencing in place.


Declucks chicken services has helped me so much with my chickens and my coop for over 4 months now. Henry, the owner, is extremely polite and truly the nicest to work with. He’s professional, kind, and always comes to work with a smile. My coop has never looked so good and my chickens have never been happier. Thanks Henry!

What a wonderful business idea! I love that Henry is offering a niche and needed service. He's reliable and trustworthy. I'm delighted to have his help in taking care of our beloved hens!

Brett Ferraro

Kimberly Fiorello


Choose Your Monthly Service Plan

  • Standard

    Every month
    • Monthly Coop Cleaning
    • Wood Shaving Replacement
    • Monthly Chicken Run Cleaning
  • Premium

    Every month
    • Bi-Monthly Coop Cleaning
    • Wood Shaving Replacement
    • Bi-Monthly Chicken Run Cleaning
    • Chicken Health Checkups
    • Health Guidance
  • 15% Off!


    Every month
    • Weekly Coop Cleaning
    • Wood Shaving Replacement
    • Weekly Chicken Run Cleaning
    • Chicken Health Checkups
    • Health Guidance
    • Water Refills
    • Food Refills

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